How to Change Registered Email Address in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the finest accounting & bookkeeping software that has been developed so far. It might be possible that while accessing the QuickBooks, you want to change or alter the registered email address. Now, Intuit Inc. made it easy for the users to do it. Later, you can update the desired email address with the help of old email address.

In this post, we will briefly introduce you the process to do so…! If you no longer have access to your old registered email, check out the Email change request. Or you can even directly reach to the QuickBooks online support team.


Do you want to change the registered email address? Now updating the QuickBooks associated email address is simple & effortless.

  • If the old registered email is accessible, log into the QuickBooks Online & pursue a few straightforward steps to update the registered email address.
  • If the old registered email is no longer accessible, go to the “Email change request” option.

How to Change the Registered Email Address Associated with the User ID?

  • Firstly Choose the “Gear” icon on the Toolbar.
  • In the “Profile” section, select the “User Profile” tab.
  • Select the “Profile” icon.
  • In the “Email address” section, choose the “Edit” tab.
  • Type-in the new email address & password.
  • Click on the “Save” icon, and then “Done” icon.
  • Verify the modifications by using the activation link in the email that’s sent to the old registered email address.

If you are a QuickBooks Online Accountant user:

  • Hit on to the “Gear” icon on the Toolbar.
  • In “Your Company” section, choose the “Your Account” tab.
  • Select the “Personal profile” icon, and then choose the “Edit personal information” icon.
  • In the “Your Sign-In Information” section, choose the “Change sign in info” tab.
  • Choose “Continue” option, and then it will redirect you to the sign in page.
  • Type-in the account credentials and then click on the “Sign in” option.
  • Choose the “Profile” tab.
  • In the “Email address” section, click on the “Edit” tab.
  • Type-in the new email address & password, then choose the “Save” icon.
  • There is a confirmation message that the information has been updated and then hit the “OK” button.

Procedure to change the email address associated with your business

  • Choose the “Gear” icon on the Toolbar.
  • In “Your Company” section, choose the “Account and Settings” tab (or Company Settings).
  • In the menu section, select the “Company” tab.
  • From the “Contact Info” section, choose the “Pencil” icon.
  • In the “Company email” field, type in the new email address. (Note: Check the box for the same as company email, if it’s the same email address that you use for your sales forms).
  • Select the “Save” icon, and then click on the “Done” tab.

How to change the email associated with a location (for location tracking)?

  • Select the “Gear” icon on the Toolbar.
  • In the “Lists” tab, select the “All Lists” tab.
  • Choose the “Locations” tab.
  • Select the desired location you want to edit, and then in the drop-down lists on the action column, select the “Edit” tab.
  • Check the box for this location has a different email address for communicating with customers.
  • Type-in the email address, and then choose the “Save” tab.

Once you save the modifications, the email address will be updated on the associated servers. Hopefully, this article would be helpful for you to know how to change your email address ..! If you are still unable to change registered email address even after following the above steps are prescribed, then you can contact our QuickBooks toll-free helpline number .i.e. +1-800-880-6389 without waiting much time and efforts.

Our Intuit certified ProAdvisors will be more happy to help you out in your problems.


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