How to Disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC?

QuickBooks is a premier accounting software that works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows operating systems. But QuickBooks functions differently on the two operating systems. The main issue in this is disabling all the merchant services. To disable merchant services in QuickBooks Mac software, you are not required to go anywhere to perform the operation, you can easily resolve this issue yourself by following instructions provided in this article.

Here in this article, we will discuss disabling of the merchant services in QuickBooks for MAC such that you will not be asked for your credit card information while you enter your invoice. This article includes every troubleshooting step that you need to know to fix the MAC issue.

Note: Contact our QuickBooks support team if you are a new user of the software and not good in technical aspects. 

Things you need to keep in Mind while Installing QuickBooks

  • If any of your clients introduces refreshes, then you are find that every client requires to introduce the refresh.
  • Sometimes this refresh procedure requires a document to be replaced. This may includes making reinforcement and getting each alternate person out of program and closing down the forms of business for a while.
  • The process of refresh needs some serious kind of energy once it gets started.
  • There might be some issues in updates that you need to hold up well. Occasionally, there will be errors in an update that are much serious than the one which get settled by a refresh.

Steps to Disabling Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC

  • Click on the ‘Command ⌘ and F‘ (simultaneously) on your MAC.
  • Now explore key-chain and then press ‘key-chain access’.
Disabling Merchant Services in QB MAC - 1
  • Type in QuickBooks word in search box, click on ‘connection ticket(s)‘ for the merchant services.
Disabling Merchant Services in QB MAC - 2
  • Click on ‘edit‘ and then ‘delete‘.
  • A box will show up and inquire if you are sure to delete connection ticket.
Disabling Merchant Services in QB MAC - 3
  • Next, a message will show up, which basically will inquire for some confirmation being displayed below:

Congratulations! You have disabled merchant services in QuickBooks MAC successfully. To make sure you have successfully removed all the merchant services, so you can log out or restart the MAC if required 

Disabling Merchant Services in QB MAC - 4

Another Procedure to Disable Merchant Services

The automatic highlight available on Mac will obtain these updates and then put it on your MAC, which will support you to disable the merchant services in QuickBooks Mac. It is an extremely easy procedure to install QuickBooks in your MAC computer.

We hope that you will be able to Disable Merchant services on MAC. If the issue still persists or you need any other QuickBooks related assistance, you can reach us at +1 800 880 6389 and speak to our efficient QuickBooks Mac support team.


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