What are the New & Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018?

New and Updated Features of QuickBooks desktop 2018 Version With the most recent QuickBooks version out in the market, you could be confused that you ought to upgrade to the most up to date version or not. In this article, we will have a quick glance of numerous benefits of using QuickBooks Desktop 2018 for different sectors.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 version is available for business owners and professionals to use and meet their business goals. Like always, the new version consists of various advanced features. So, here in this article we will discuss about the latest and improved features of QuickBooks Desktop 2018. Also you will see what benefits you will get after upgrading the QuickBooks desktop 2018 edition.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Features Available for Windows OS

Below we have listed those new features which are offered in all Windows variation QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

Multi-Monitor SupportLevel 3 data in QuickBooks PayrollStay logged in preferenceSecure E-mail Support
Changes for QuickBooks Add-onsPayroll reminder badge in QuickBooks Payroll 2018Additional columns for inventorySearch in the Chart of Accounts
Internet Explorer SupportCopy/Paste line item shortcutCash/Accrual Toggle on ReportsValuation summary and inventory stock status reports
Mobile inventory scanner support (QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant and Enterprise Platinum Editions only)Enhanced sales order fulfillment with android app (QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant and Enterprise Platinum Editions only)Secure web mailQuickly merge duplicate vendors (QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise Accountant editions only)
Payroll Liability FlagAdditional PII encryptionSecurity Updates for all editions of QuickBooks 2018Past Due Stamp

Explaining New features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 concentrates on new and enhanced features that assist accounting professionals as well as their clients total tasks with less effort. Understand the new and improved features:

Multi-Monitor Support:

Multi-monitor support will allow you to work on more than one monitor simultaneously with the same QuickBooks file. You just have to select “switch to multi-monitor mode” in “menu” to enable it.

Past Due Stamp:

As a QuickBooks Desktop 2018 user, you will get this new feature on your printed and emailed invoices and show the message in the viewing copy in the GUI.

When you resend past-due invoices to your clients, Past Due Stamp on the invoice will show them that they are past their payment deadline.

Follow these steps to enable this feature:

  • Open Create Invoices option.
  • Select Formatting
  • Choose templates
  • Select Edit Templates, from the lower left template drop-down menu
  • Check “Print Past Due stamp.option

Search in the Charts of Account

This new feature will allow you to find and select a chart of account (or sub-account) simply with account number, name or even partial words of account list. It will eradicate the pain of scrolling the large account list.

Here is how you can access this feature:

  • Go to the lists menu.
  • Choose the chart of accounts
  • Search using the search box at the left top of the chart of accounts list
  • Search account name or number
  • Click the blue search button to get the result.

Cash/Accrual Toggle on Reports:

Cash/Accrual Toggle on Reports feature has made toggling displayed reports between Cash and Accrual basis easy. As all QB reports are figured and displayed on an accrual basis and the summary report is shown as per the settings configured in the reports and Graphs company preferences. This feature has simplified changing your accounting basis.

Secure Web Mail:

This QuickBooks desktop 2018 update helps to send emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN and Windows Live accounts using QuickBooks and makes multi-factor authentication seamless.

Steps to make use of this feature:

  • Click “edit” on the “menu bar
  • Choose Preferences
  • Click send forms option
  • Click My preferences
  • Select Webmail option
  • Click “Use enhanced security” setting at the time of setup.

Stay Logged in Preference

This feature will allow you to stay logged in to QuickBooks software and you will not be required to enter user id and password every time you have to work.

New Features Available in QuickBooks Premier & Enterprise

Inventory Report Enhancements

This one is among the most useful features and updates by the makers of QuickBooks in 2018. This feature will let you add or remove columns in vital inventory reports within QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise.

New Features available in QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant & Platinum Editions

Enhanced Sales Order Fulfillment with Android App

This update in QuickBooks desktop 2018 offers a notable feature to the sales order fulfillment worksheet and addition with a handy bar-code scanner.

If your business requires you to use sales order and send off pick lists to your warehouse, this feature will prove to be very helpful for you. It may cause remarkable growth in speed and accuracy if it suits your workflow.

Mobile Inventory Scanner Support

This new feature will help you save time, cut down the number of (human) inaccuracies, make better business decisions by creating consistent, real-time inventory data, lower labor cost and more.

To install and use this application you will be required to install QuickBooks Desktop warehouse app on your Android phone. Then wirelessly connect mobile bar code gadget or your Android mobile to the QB Enterprise with Advanced Inventory. Next, make a vendor record for every warehouse picker and allot the new vendor type – Warehouse user.

Features available in QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise Accountant editions

Quickly Merge Duplicate Vendors

Quickly Merge Duplicate Vendors is a useful feature that will enable you to merge duplicate vendor names easily and also allow you to merge up to four vendors, consolidate the entire transactions to a master vendor and update information as required.

This feature is certainly going to save a lot of time in cleaning up your vendor list. Your company files should be in single user mode before you start merging vendors.

You should also not use an accountant’s copy file (.QBA), multi-currency should not be enabled, and the vendors you wish to merge should not be tax authorities, Direct Deposit Vendors, Paid through Internet Banking, Tax exempt.

Steps to Merge Vendors:

  • Go to the Merge Vendor window.
  • For Account edition go to Accountant menu, click Client Data Review and select Merge Vendors.
  • For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise go to company menu, click Accounting tools and select Merger Vendors.
  • Select “vendors to be merged” on the merge vendor’s window.
  • Choose a Master Vendor and click
  • Upon receiving confirmation prompt select “yes” and click “OK” when the merge complete window appears.

Well, the most recent released QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software 2018 is pretty clean and risk-free to use. If you have any questions and queries about this information then call us at our toll-free helpline number +1(800)880-6389. Although if you are an accounting expert as well as professional in this industry and want to test this new software edition, you should definitely try the most up to date released variation .i.e QuickBooks 2018.


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