Solutions to Com Error Crashes in QuickBooks

All About to Know Com Error Crashes

What is QuickBooks Com Error Crashes?

Com error crashes in QuickBooks is one of the most common errors that users face. This error causes lot of problem especially because the software consists of many financial data and records. In fact, it affects the business operations of small and business operations using the accounting software. However, this com error can be fixed and below mentioned are its possible solutions.

Com Crash Error Message - Screen Shot

Best Solution Steps to Resolve Com Error Crashes

Here you can find the best solution methods to fix this QuickBooks Error. Please follow these given troubleshooting steps:

Solution 1: Make Outlook as a default Mail app

  • First go to Control Panel, then Default Program and Set Default Program
  • Then select MS outlook and make it as the default program by clicking OK.

Solution 2: Adding Email account to Outlook

  • Go to MS Outlook and select the File Menu
  • Then select Add Account to start the set up process
  • Provide the email address and then select on the Connect tab.
  • Outlook will automatically the right server settings and once done select Connect.
  • After this enter the password for the email address provided and then click on
  • And finally choose ok and finish the complete set up

Important: If QuickBooks Desktop is not able to identify Outlook, (to examine this, go to Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences tab to see if you have the option to choose Outlook) you might should reboot the computer and repair QuickBooks. You could additionally need to create a new Windows user profile. If the new Windows account does not discover Outlook in QuickBooks preferences, repair work QuickBooks.

Solution 3: Toggle the Mail Settings

  • Go to the Control Panel and then click Mail
  • After that select Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select Show Profile in the Mail Set Up
  • In case the Always Use this profile tab is already selected then you have to choose a prompt for the profile and then select Apply button.
  • Always Use this profile to toggle the selection back and then apply it
  • And lastly choose OK

Solution 4: Make a New Outlook Mail Profile

  • First thing to do is close the Microsoft Outlook
  • Then go to Control Panel and then Mail.
  • Select Show Profile option.
  • After this click on Add.
  • Under the profile name add a name and then select OK
  • By following the instructions provided on the screen provide the email account to be used.
  • Select Use this profile drop down and then select newly create profile and click on Apply then click OK.

Solution 5: Fix Office and Windows Update for Run

Often certain features of Microsoft Office like excel, word etc. Do not work properly. They can be easily fixed by restarting the system, but when that doesn’t help you have to get it repaired. Here the ways to repair it.

  • Make a right click on the Windows start button in the Windows 8 or 10 version and then select Apps and feature on the pop-up menu bar.
  • After this select the feature or product of Microsoft which you want to fix and then select modify option.
  • Either you will get Click to Run or MSI-based installation, it all depends on the version of Microsoft.

Click to Run

  • Make sure everything is all right when you want to repair the programs of Office. Select on Online Repair and then select Repair.

MSI- Based

  • First change the installation, then select Repair and click on Continue button.
  • Instructions will be provided on the screen follow them and complete the repair process.

Solution 6: Run QuickBooks on Compatibility Mode

  • First select the QuickBooks icon on the desktop and then select QuickBooks option on Compatibility Mode.
  • Check the box in the Compatibility Mode section after choosing Compatibility and run this program in that mode.
  • After this select Windows 7 from the drop down.
  • Go to the privilege level section and check run this program as the administrator.
  • Finally Apply and then choose Ok.
Run QuickBooks on Compatibility Mode - Screenshot

The com error generally damages to the system, yet the QuickBooks data can be saved by following these above given simple steps. These troubleshooting steps have proven to be of great help in order to efficiently handle the QuickBooks com error.

We hope that you found this blog helpful to fix com error crashes in QuickBooks. However, if still the com error crashes does not get fixed then reach out to the QuickBooks Support team as they will provide you with an instant solution to this problem. Dial +1(800)880-6389 and get assistance by our experts.

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