How to fix QuickBooks Error: You are currently not subscribed to any services?

Simple way to get Error: You are currently not subscribed to any services fixed.

Today QuickBooks Software is being all over the world. In fact, it is regarded as one of the best accounting software and it has changed the way accounting is done. Moreover, it has reaped many gains for small and medium businesses. However, being just a software, it often faces issues affecting the operation of an organization.

In many occasions the users of QuickBooks receive an error message “you are currently not subscribed to any services”. This could be for two reasons:-

  1. First because you are using incorrect user ID and password or
  2. The trial you had opted for have expired long ago and has been deleted from the server.

You are currently not subscribed to any services

So, in case you find out that you are not subscribed and need to create new company, the below mentioned information can guide you through it.

It is best you start the QuickBooks Online company with a free trial. Users can either convert the present QuickBooks desktop into QBO or simply start a new company but without making use of any existing data in it. Once you get the free trial you can subscribe to it

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In order to start a trial first visit the website:

To start a trial company, go to this web site:

US –

Users will the Try it Free Button and click on it.

✔ Step 1. First will be start-up interview.

  • If this the first time signing up for a QuickBooks service, then users will have to provide information in the required fields.
  • And click on Sign In if already have access to QuickBooks online company.

✔ Step 2. Once the above steps done click on Continue to Trial.

✔ Step 3. Then go through the prompts. For US and Canada users the setup interview second step will ask users if they want to important their data from QuickBooks for Windows or Mac version.

✔ Step 4. Once this is done users have to provide the requested information and finally the trial will be ready to use.

If you still have queries or not able to subscribe, then take assistance from QuickBooks Support service providers. Or you can seek help from our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors by calling 1(800)880-6389. Help is available 24/7 by our experts.

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