All that You Need to Know about Fixing QuickBooks Corrupted Company File

Simple ways to Identify, Prevent and Fix QuickBooks Corrupted File

QuickBooks has emerged as one of the best accounting software in the world. Today it is not only being used by small and medium businesses but also by accountants and individuals. This path breaking software assists in business payments, managing bill and inventory as well as tax related tasks. In fact, this software helps businesses in managing their finances. Even though QuickBooks is a very beneficial software it does run into problems at times. So in this article we will discuss the how you can identify a corrupted company file and how to get it fixed. Also you can take help from QuickBooks Customer Support team if you are not good in technical aspects.

Check if the Company File is Corrupted or Not?

The first thing to do is to check if the company file is corrupted or not through the below mentioned symptoms.

  • Due to some human error sudden shutdown of QuickBooks.
  • Transaction list missing from the Software.
  • Invoices and unpaid bills are displayed as paid on the balance sheet.
  • When auditing certain fault occurs.
  • Negative balance is shown in the Transaction history.

To understand the errors you have to keep check on your software. Any kind of unusual activity or strange behavior is the symptom that your company file is corrupted.

Reasons Behind for why Does Company File get Corrupted

It is very important to know the main reason behind a problem before trying to solve it. Knowing the causes actually helps in identifying the prevention step.

Below are some of the reason why the company file may be corrupted.

  • Overtime Working on QuickBooks software
  • If RAM has less memory it will not be automatically correcting any problems.
  • QuickBooks gets shut down suddenly without saving the data.
  • Often virus attack is one of the causes. They are so dangerous that they can erase the whole database.
  • Issues with the hard disk, cable or the internet.
  • If the system is not properly shut down directly through the main switch can cause corruption of data.

These are few of the causes of corruption of company file. They can be some kind of technical error or human error or even due to unwanted users.

Ways to prevent Corruption of QuickBooks Files

It is always a good to save your data irrespective of your stream. This is because if the data are lost once it will be very difficult to get them back.

So, here are few of the below mentioned steps that you can take to prevent corruption of QuickBooks File.

  • Save all your data and take a backup of it in a different location and database.
  • Keep away from virus-like malicious files and threats.
  • Avoid all corrupted files.
  • Avoid the of third party users and tools
  • Log in as administrator after opening the data files.
  • Choose the single user mode.
  • Then click on File tab then Utilities and then Verify Data.

How to Fix QuickBooks Corrupted Files:

If you try the above step it can sometimes prove to be time taking. So in that case you can try the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the server to create a local copy of the data file.
  • If required you must enable temporary hosting on the machine.
  • Now open the file with the administrator login.
  • Now Click on File then Utilities and then on Rebuild Data.
  • After this Copy and Open the file and then login as the administrator.

Manual Method

You should be aware that the complete rebuild will take a lot of time and do not interrupt the system in the middle of the ongoing process. Once it is done save the copy of the file on any local machine and then save the data with a different name.

  • First of all Open the data files and log-in as administrator
  • Then Select as single user mode
  • Now Click on File then go-to Utilities and click on Verify Data.
Verifiy Data in QuickBooks-Pro Accountant Advisor

Important Note: Time taken to complete the above step could vary. If the process is time taking, you could comply with the action pointed out below.

  • From the web server make a local copy of the data file.
  • You need to enable temporary hosting on the machine if required.
  • Then open the file with the administrator login.
  • Then Click on File then click on Utilities and finally click on Rebuild Data.
  • Copy and also open the file and also login as administrator.

Important Note: Complete rebuild will take much more time. Don’t disrupt the system in the center of the procedure.

Once if the rebuild is complete after that conserve the copy of the file on local drive and also the conserve data in different name. You should be aware that the complete rebuild will take a lot of time and do not interrupt the system in the middle of the ongoing process. Once it is done save the copy of the file on any local machine and then save the data with a different name.

Final Words..!

We really hope that you have understood it well to fix your corrupted QuickBooks file. This will help in fixing any type of corrupted QuickBooks file. In case you have any query regarding the same then please contact us at our QuickBooks Enterprise Support and our very expert team will take care of all your queries. You simply have to dial our technical support number 1 (800) 880-6389. We have a complete team of professional and specialist who take care of all your queries.

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