QuickBooks Payroll 2018 – New Features & Benefits

QuickBooks Payroll software helps to maintain all accounts in a symmetric manner. In this blog, we have discussed about the latest features of QuickBooks Payroll software that keeps all records and calculated by online.

Basic features of QuickBooks Payroll Software:

  • Enhanced Payroll
  • Pay employees & e-file taxes.
  • Automatically run payroll with an ease.
  • Track your pay taxes.
  • Easily manage employee payroll.
  • Know your right tax calculations.
  • Faster direct depositing process.
  • Flexible to manage all your payroll taxes.
  • Manage your business accounting payroll.
  • Books an updated automatically.
  • File & pay taxes electronically.
  • Pay all e-tax payments timely.
  • Instant paycheck for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors.
  • Help to calculate all taxes.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Federal and State forms completed for you.
  • Electronically pay and file taxes, including W-2’s at year-end.
  • Email reminders for taxes & forms.
  • Free support from payroll experts.
  • Print W-2’s & forms for employees.
  • Accessible from iPad, iPhone or Android (by an online version only).
  • Versions to work with or without QuickBooks.

How QuickBooks Accounting Payroll is beneficial for us?

Through Online Tracking Process, it is a streamlined task that saves your time and provides you all employee’s information instantly.

Remote Accessibility: – if a user is using a cloud based payroll application then it automatically takes through remote access either using any device a tablet, PC, Smart phones or a laptop by connecting the network connection. It allows verifying all latest payroll updates even when a user is not available in a office.

Convenience for Employees: – In many cases, payroll apps brings employee portal. For instance, time tracker let your employee’s clock up-to-date from anywhere. This helps to integrate scheduling software details and also features of a portal from where employees can pick up shifts, consisting their time off, or switch shifts to other employees.

Sync with Accounting Payroll Software: – Many payroll programs are now active with sync accounting software program. This reduces the time that you spend by doing entry as manual.

All important Calculations made Easy: – For an employer, if you know all the aspects of employment law, a user is responsible for submitting employment premiums so that we calculate less time in hours, pay rates and a payroll details as mentioned all calculations of a number that you need.

Different ways to Pay Amount through QuickBooks Payroll:

Users have two methods to pay amount as given:-

It can write all checks related to bank account by manually:

  • Easy to make the check payable to your employee for a gross income from their pay stub.
  • Give the check to your employee along with a copy of their pay stub, which displays all your withholding amounts.

Print paychecks and pay stub on pre-printed check stock:

  • With the help of using check stock, it is more compatible with QuickBooks or a Microsoft Money.
  • Then this gives the paycheck along with pay stub to each your employee.

Able to do direct deposit into the employee’s bank account:

  • If your employee chooses direct deposit, we’ll electronically transfer the net amount from your bank account to your employee’s bank account. Then an accountant can write paychecks even if your direct deposit is pending as by handwritten.
  • Give your employee a hard printed copy of their pay stub on a plain paper. This make a set up of a direct deposit takes about a week. (There’s no extra charge will be deducted for doing a direct deposit.)
  • Payroll Deductions: This makes too easy to set up & keep a track of health insurance, retirement plans, salary deductions, and many more garnishments for each employees.
  • Paycheck Online Access: It saves employees precious time by protecting for 24/7 online access to their paycheck information as instantly.
  • Employee time tracking: It saves our valuable time and data when entered employees on their own hours.

This will guide all QB Payroll users and help to know all valid details for an employee’s personal information as accurately. If there is any query left contact QuickBooks Payroll Support Team.

Full Payroll Service Features are:

Feel worry less and enter your entries into a system. Do all your accounts by manual together with QuickBooks Payroll.

  • Make a setup, run payroll & file payroll taxes for you.
  • Use or do a direct deposit by instant paychecks.
  • Manages vacations, deductions & garnishes, many more
  • Guaranteed error-free paychecks & payroll taxes in a right format
  • Works with or without using QuickBooks
  • Automatic labor law ports
  • Run your payroll and file taxes in a symmetric manner.

I hope you find this blog informative and helpful. However, if you are troubling with any type of problems or you want to know more information about the features & benefits of QuickBooks and Payroll services, Feel free to dial our QuickBooks help number i.e. +1(800)880-6389.

Our professionals are well experienced and have an amazing work knowledge. Help is available 24/7 for any Payroll related annoying Issues.


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