Microsoft Outlook Email Integration with QuickBooks

One of the most advantageous features of QuickBooks software is that – a QB user can integrate a wide array of applications in QuickBooks such as PayPal, Microsoft Office, etc. QuickBooks accounting software is highly compatible with such an application. Hence, a QB user can operate the desired application in the QuickBooks altogether. Possibly, you would like to use the Microsoft Outlook Email along with QuickBooks. To do so, a QB user recommended using the QB Contact Sync application that is available in the QuickBooks Online.

The QB users suppose to download & install the application first. Once the download & installation completed, the user is allowed to adjust the contact list quickly and swiftly. QuickBooks Desktop features some of the web-based services that include – Electronic Payments, Remote Access Ability, Online Banking, etc. Businessmen & corporate sectors widely use the Microsoft Outlooks as an email exchange Server globally.

Brief Introduction of Microsoft Outlook

A momentous part of Microsoft Office Suite which is widely used for email exchange to communicate with the client via the internet is known as Microsoft Outlook. This application is widely popular among the business users & organizations as it comprises with Microsoft Exchange Server & SharePoint Server to do many tasks such as coordinate meetings, send or receive emails, etc.

Microsoft Outlook Functions:  

  • Email confirmation
  • Coordinate & Communicate
  • Co-operation

Significance of Microsoft Outlook Integration with QuickBooks

Microsoft Outlook is a vital e-mail application of Microsoft Office Suite. It performs various office tasks such as e-mail & client management as well as client communication. Till so far this application has more than a million users worldwide because of its user-friendly interface and amazing characteristics.

Check out the list of characteristics which makes Microsoft Outlook different from other email client applications.

  • Work Offline
  • Ribbons & Navigation Bar
  • Inter-Communication
  • Inbox Clean Up Tool
  • Customized Calendar
  • Support Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Altered Contacts
  • Tracking Feature
  • Social Connectivity
  • Faster Email Processing
  • Manage Rules and Alerts
  • Free Import & Export Facility
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Email Attachment Reminder

To know more insight about the Microsoft Outlook Integration with QuickBooks, contact the QuickBooks Integration Support. Our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors are highly knowledgeable and has decades of experience in accounting field.


  • Huge organizations use the Microsoft Outlook more than email function as the calendar function is more critical than email.


  • The task management job is quite basic but still cumbersome to use.
  • No special support for the vacation in calendar feature.
  • No customization in the dashboard so that the user can fuse the elements such as email, calendar or task to bring the desired outcome.
  • Booking meetings with the client on the calendar is not possible. There is no support to book a meeting on the calendar.

Tips to Integrate Outlook With QuickBooks

There are too many users who are encountering problem in QuickBooks Outlook 2016, don’t worry follow listed below action as well as Integrate your Outlook with QuickBooks quickly

Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop Contact Sync for Outlook from official website

Here’s how

  • Type the correct email address for QuickBooks registration
  • Choose the “Continue” tab to Download
  • Save the “QuickBooksContactSync.exe” file in the computer
  • Perform double – click on the “QuickBooksContactSync.exe” file
  • Hit the “Next” tab to start the installation
  • Once the download is completed, choose the desired company file you want to sync with Outlook
  • Choose “Accept” in the agreement form
  • Next, Click on to the “Next” tab
  • Hit the “Get Started” tab, once the sync is complete.
  • Hit the “Finish” tab
Microsoft Outlook Email Integration with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Integration with Microsoft Outlook For Mac

The QuickBooks integration with Outlook for Mac is quite simple. Follow the steps below to integrate the Outlook with QuickBooks:

  • Navigate to Edit => Preferences => Send Forms
  • A webmail, email, or outlook option will appear. However, if the option does not appear then follow the below steps
    • Go to the C:\Windows\win.ini
    • Select & open the C:\Windows\win.ini Add the line at the bottom of the file i.e.


  • Open the Registry Editor & key.
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\MAIL] String Value: “MAPIX”=”1]

It might be possible that you would experience in following the steps accurately or might be missing any step while integrating QuickBooks with Outlook. In that instance, you can simply dial the toll–free number of QuickBooks Support at +1-800-880-6389.

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