Fix Error 1303: Installer has Insufficient Privileges to Access Path to Directory

While the user is installing QuickBooks, the error 1303 occurs. This error usually happens when the installer has incomplete authority to access the directory like a path to the directory. In this blog post we are going to explain about this error code also provide you some feasible solution steps to troubleshoot this error code shortly. You can either take help from the professionals of our QuickBooks Error Support team at 1(800)880-6389 or you can follow the steps below to resolve this problem:

The common reason behind the occurrence of this error can be that for the system group, there are no full control privileges.

While installing QuickBooks Desktop, the following error prompts:

Error 1303: Installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory. “C:\…\Intuit”

Cause for the Error 1303

  • This error can accompany basic computer usage. Uninstalling applications, using updates, and occasionally manual changes to some Windows components can trigger these problems to surface.
  • QuickBooks Error 1303 can happen when there are no full control privileges for the system group or the directory pointed out in the error in each group.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 1303

There are two possible methods to a solution that you can follow to change the authority setting for the system as well as everyone group. Now, In this section, we know the solution as well as technique to fix the trouble.

  1. A utility is being created that resets system groups and all the group permissions settings to Windows default settings.
  2. Change the permissions for the system manually in full control and folder C:\ Documents and Settings\All Groups for All Users.

This utility will not work on Windows Vista because there are differences in file structures and permissions. If you find that you are facing this issue in Windows vista as well, you can adjust all the permissions manually.


  • Click on PermissionsFix.bat.
  • Click on save and save this file on the desktop of the system which has been affected.
  • Now, double-click on the file. This will open the DOS window in desktop screen. Type ‘y’ at prompt.
  • This will reset the permissions of the folders that have been affected and will change settings to default.

Note: To initiate the script, you must type ‘y’ in lowercase.

  • As the file runs, you shall press any key to exit the DOS window.
  • After all these steps, insert the QuickBooks CD and try again to install.


To manually adjust permission, you shall have full control for the system and everyone group for the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.

For Microsoft Window Vista

There are a few steps for changing permission-

  • Firstly, Click on the start button
  • As the start menu opens, you can now click in the Start Search area. Enter the path C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\ and click OK. This will open the window with the folder.
  • In this window, click on Organize and select Properties.
  • Choose the Security window in the property section
  • Click on the Advanced button
  • Click ‘Edit’ and then again on the next screen
  • Scroll down to the list of permission entries and double-click on the system user
  • In the Allow columns, select the checkbox for full control row and then click OK.
  • Check the boxes which have been labeled with the heritage permissions on all descendants with legacy permissions from this object. Now, in the Advanced Security Settings window and in COMMON FILES properties window, click OK.
  • Install QuickBooks.

If the error still persists, follow the steps below:

  • Right click on Start button and click on Explore
  • Choose Tool menu and select Folder.
  • After that Click on View tab and scroll down to Advanced Settings List
  • Now click on ‘Use simple file sharing to clear the box’
  • Finally Click on OK and Install the QuickBooks.

This will help you resolve the QB error code 1303. But in case the error is not resolved, you can contact our Intuit certified QuickBooks Support team at 1(800)880-6389. Our experts are available round the clock and will surely solve the problem.


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