How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 20 – Printer not activated?

What is QuickBooks Error 20

QuickBooks Error Code 20– Printer not activated is just one of the most common error message encountered by QuickBooks users.Generally this error takes place when a user is upgrading their OS to windows 8 or later versions.

Due to this error a user does not able to print or send out invoices and payslips which results in the further inconvenience for the company owners. This is a basic error triggered by lots of various other applications in addition to QuickBooks however its relevance on QuickBooks is greater than other software.

Why this error comes while working on QuickBooks

This kind of error arises when a user decide to upgrade the system after installing Windows, its newly latest version.

Fix: Printer is unable to get Active Problem

✔ First of all, create a registry backup file.

Take registry backup files, once you enter into the registry editor. Click on the PC from the top of a folder tree as in the left side panel. Then click on the file-> then select export-> and then apply to save all changes.

Create a System Restore Point

  • First of all create a system restore point.
  • Then Click on the Start key button.
  • Now find the system to restore it.
  • You will see the option to “create a restore point.
  • Once a system properties window appears, find and enable “Protection Settings” on your Local Disk C.
  • If the function is disabled, click “Configure” and set the protection.
  • Finish with clicking Apply and Ok.
  • These settings should force the automatic creation of system restore points.

Before you make modifications to the Registry, ensure you take a back-up of your computer registry hive and create a system restore point in case something else fails whilst you’re doing the actions you should have the ability to restore the system.

Methods to solve QuickBooks Error code 20

Method-1 : This method is focused & aid to repair all your QuickBooks program. The registration key is not updated or all possible files that is faulty.

  • Reinstall your QuickBooks. Do one thing, first of all, complete your application and then again re-install it.
  • First enter the control panel tab -> select all programs (Apps) & features. Then locate your software.
  • Click to un-install option & then ready to download the proper version where the QB compatible with an OS.
  • After reinstallation, the program along with a printer will work again. If yet encounter any problems then or if un-installation wouldn’t complete just because all your files gets missing. We suggest, use system security app, Clean your system if files get corrupted.

✔ Method-2 : This issue can be solved by upgrading your Windows 7 operating system. A clean installation of windows 7 wouldn’t cause such type of critical errors. Some steps to be resolved by following the below method as:-

If problems facing while installing QuickBooks Software, then update it as manually your registry key.


Take a granted permission by using Registry Editor.

  • Open your registry editor.
  • Then type it as regedit after pressing the start up key button on your system keyboard.
  • Then give a one right click on the regedit & then choose the option to run as administrator.
  • Search HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG as now you have to get access the registry editor.
  • Choose the permission after clicking the software folder name.
  • Just verify your user that has full access control from the table.
  • Click on to the Ok button. Now close your ’s & also registry editor option.

QB has the access to all keys & also for your printer that works in a fine condition.


This options described only for Windows 10 users. Now update your registry editor as by manually by granting the user permission script. A user account also has the access by using the command prompt.

  • Click on the start
  • First type a cmd.
  • Then select to run the administrator program by giving one right click cmd.
  • Type Power shell in the command prompt and also press Enter key.
  • Then copy and paste the following codes as it is commanded promptly.

PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -NoLogo -NonInteractive -Command “$key = [Microsoft.Win32.Registry]::CurrentConfig.OpenSubKey(‘Software’,[Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKeyPermissionCheck]::ReadWriteSubTree,[System.Security.AccessControl.RegistryRights]::ChangePermissions); $acl =$key.GetAccessControl(); $rule = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.RegistryAccessRule (‘Users’,’FullControl’,’ObjectInherit,ContainerInherit’,’None’,’Allow’); $acl.SetAccessRule($rule); $key.SetAccessControl($acl);”

This will stop the error from reappearing.
Ms Command Prompt - Pro Accountant

We hopefully think that an you will get benefits by using above methods & options. If want any help regarding this issue, then contact our expert guys at our QuickBooks Customer Support Number +1(800)880-6389. We provide extreme services and quality assistance with effective solutions in just a one perfect call resolution.

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