How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 304?

Simple steps to resolve QuickBooks Error code -6000, -304

QuickBooks is a premier accounting software that has made managing and handling business simple. But, like all the other software, QuickBooks too isn’t free from errors and glitches. One of the frequent issues that QuickBooks users face is QuickBooks Error Code -6000 304. This error occurs when a user tries to open a company file, or QuickBooks Desktop attempts to open a company file. Occurrence of an error in such cases denotes that your system lacks enough disk space to open the company file or the user working on QuickBooks Desktop has reached his quota.

You can change the location of the company file to hard disk with larger space, turn off disk quotas, and/or enhance the disk quota of the user account running QuickBooks to fix Error Code –6000, -304.

The image as shown below is similar which appears on your desktop.

quickbooks error message 6000 304

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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code -6000, -304?

You need to follow the below given steps to fix the error code 6000, -304:

Solution 1: Repair your QuickBooks Desktop

Replace all damaged and corrupted QuickBooks desktop components from your computer.

  • Go to “Start menu“-> open “Control Panel” -> Click “Programs“->Click “Programs and Features“.
  • Select QuickBooks and click “Uninstall“.
  • Click “Next” Once the QuickBooks installation window appears.
  • Select radio button next to Repair and click “Next” and then “Repair“.
  • Click “Finish“.

Solution 2: Click the windows start key and choose computer

  • You need to simply click on the “Windows start” key and choose to computer at there.

Solution 3: Check if there is enough space on your hard drive

  • Select the disk drive where you have saved your company files, do a right- click and choose “Properties“.
  • Click the “Windows Start” key and select “Computer”.
  • Check if the drive has sufficient disk space available, tap on the Quota tab.
  • Review user account if quota increase is required. Else, you can “remove disk quotas” from the user account where QuickBooks data file is stored.
  • Red stoplight means no disk quotas are set.

Solution 4: Perform a clean installation of your QuickBooks

That’s all from our behalf. Hope you have found this article useful for you. If you still receiving error code  -6000,-304 while working on some important accounting or business task, you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team.

We are available round the clock and offer instant solutions to all the QuickBooks errors and issues.


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