How You Should Fix QuickBooks Error 6177

Easy ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6177

Over the past few years QuickBooks have emerged as one of the best accounting software. It has gained so much popularity that it is being used by small and medium business all across the world. From accounting to finance management this new age software is packed with powerful features. Even though QuickBooks comes with many perks but at times it does show errors. Sometimes they can be easily fixed but at times you need some assistance especially from the QuickBooks Technical Support providers. One very common QuickBooks Error is the 6177 and in this blog we will discuss all about it- causes, and its solutions. You can call at our support number +1-800-880-6389 to get professional help from our experts

What is QuickBooks Error 6177?

When you are trying to access company file, the QuickBooks error 6177 pop up. This error mainly happens when a file is located on a server computer and we are trying to access it locally. Few of the reason behind the QuickBooks error 6177 are firewall problems, corrupted fact documents, networking troubles, usage of old version of the software, installation failure of the software and more.

Reason behind QuickBooks Error 6177

  • QuickBooks Desktop does not use the path to open the company file
  • Virus or malware in QuickBooks File
  • Incomplete installation or corrupt download
The image as shown below is similar which appears on your desktop.
QuickBooks Error Message 6177-0

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 6177

Below are the steps to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6177

Solution 1:

  • Open the company file after moving a file on the local computer. In case you are getting an error while opening the file then search for a portable company file.
  • Update your QuickBooks on the latest release.
  • Add windows firewall ports if it is not configured as  in QuickBooks few ports needs to ve opened.
  • Do make sure that you turn off hosting if it is in clients’ computers.
  • Now make a new folder and try to access the data file from that location.
  • And also move the folder to the local computer and then try to access the data.
  • The folder that has the company file on the server computer must have full access to a computer.
  • Even the server which contains the QuickBooks file should have access to all folders.

✔ Solution 2:

The easiest way to resolve QuickBooks error 6177 is by downloading and the running QuickBooks File Doctor. This tool will detect and automatically fix the error.

✔ Solution 3 :

  • The first thing to do is delete the network descriptor (.nd) file and from the computer having company file close to QuickBooks desktop.
  • Now configure the QuickBooks Database Manager and this will scan the company file.
  • After this check access permission of company file in windows.
  • In case, the full application is on the server then try the below mentioned steps.
    • Switch on and off the hosting.
    • Try opening the company file using the local path.
    • Make a new folder and then copy the company file to this new folder.
    • Now reopen QuickBooks Desktop and try to open the company file from the folder you just created.
    • Try accessing the company file where the error message is being displayed.

In case, the issue is not resolved then consult QuickBooks Error Technical Support providers. They are ever ready to help you and will provide a quick solution to your problem. Our technical support team is adept in QuickBooks and they will give you the easiest and quickest solution after understanding the error and their causes. You can give us a call to get quick assistance in our toll free number.

However, if you are still encountering any concern you could freely get in touch with the Support team of QuickBooks. You can Contact QuickBooks 24/7 Helpline Number anytime +1-800-880-6389.

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