Resolve Common QuickBooks Installation Errors for Windows and Mac

Having issues with the installation of QuickBooks Desktop? Sometimes QuickBooks users may see very common problems at the time they try to install QuickBooks desktop software. These errors may occur in QuickBooks for windows as well as Mac devices. When this error happens, the program doesn’t start or errors repeatedly appears when clicking on QB files or a company icon.

The installation errors can create countable nuisances and prevents QuickBooks files to open the whole program in windows or in Mac systems. However, you can simply resolve these errors by rebooting your computer system once.

In this article, we are going to discuss on several basic steps to resolve various type of QuickBooks desktop installation errors for Windows and Mac. However, if you are looking for instant help form well qualified accounting experts you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team by dialing +1-800-880-6389. We can manage all sort of concerns associated with these errors.

What Causes the Installation Errors for Windows & Mac in QuickBooks?

Below are some possible causes behind the QuickBooks Installation Errors.

  • You are using the different version of QuickBooks to open the company file, folder, compressed or encrypted file.
  • Opening of QuickBooks multiple times if you double clicked repeatedly which blocking your company files from opening successfully.
  • Wrong method to open a specific file type can also be a cause of error.
  • The problem with reports and other windows within the file.
  • Incomplete or wrong name of a file or an extension that corrupts all data.
  • These errors can occur if one of the core Microsoft components that QuickBooks Desktop uses is not functioning correctly

How to Resolve ‘Windows Installation Error’?

If you are trying to uninstall, refresh, or introduce an application on the Windows based computer, you possibly experience dozens of error messages.

Verify Windows Installer Problem

This error generally occurs when the windows installer is disable, corrupt, or improperly installed in the computer. In such condition, you can go through the following steps to check if there is any Windows Installer issue.

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Select the “Windows” or “Start” icon.
  • Go to the search dialogue box, and enter “cmd”. Or select the “Run” option and then enter the “cmd”.
  • Then, hit onto the “Enter” tab. This will lead you to open the “Command Prompt” window.
  • Go to the order brief and enter ‘MSIExec’.
  • Later, tap on the “Enter” key.
  • In case, MSI engine running properly then you will not see any error message.
  • Re-install it again.

Windows Installer Package Error Message When You Reinstall or Remove Mac Software:

This error message appear while reinstalling or removing Mac software. You can efficiently fix this problem by using the Windows ‘Control Panel’ at the moment of Mac software uninstall or reinstall.

Steps to fix the Software

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” tab and uninstall the application.
  2. Select the application that you desire to eliminate and then, choose the “Repair” option.
  3. Attempt to uninstall the application.
  4. Uninstall the entire apple software & reinstall the iTunes or cloud for windows.
  5. Ensure that you have installed the latest updated windows.
  6. Visit the Microsoft program install and utility website.
    • Click on the “Download” and “Open” tab. In case, utilities unable to open then click on the “Save” option rather than “Open” option.
    • Go to the “Utility” windows and hit onto the “Next” tab.
    • Choose the program that you wish to uninstall & hit onto the “Next” icon.
    • If a question like “Uninstall or cleanup?” appear on the screen..! Choose the “Indeed, attempt uninstall” option. 
    • Shutdown the utility.
    • Uninstall all the iCloud, iTunes, or Apple Software from the Windows. If any issue persists, you are free to contact the Apple Support.

How to Fix QuickBooks Installation Errors?

Checkout the Infographic in order to understand the quick ways to resolve common Installation errors of QuickBooks.

Common QuickBooks Installation Errors for Windows and Mac - Infographic

Hope this helped you. Let’s start to discuss some other methods in details to solve this error with Windows. You need to follow every steps as they are given.

Solution 1: Close QBW32.exe process

  • Give one right-click on a windows task bar & then choose the option that is labeled as Start Task Manager.
  • Click on the Processes.
  • Now click to the Image Name header to sort it alphabetically order.
  • Locate it & select it as EXE.
  • At last, click to the End process.
QuickBooks Installation Error for Windows
The image as shown below is similar which appears on your desktop.

Solution 2: Suppress the QuickBooks application

  • Right click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon, press and hold the Ctrl key and select Open.
  • Open the company file.

Solution 3: Restart your PC or a Laptop

  • Restart your computer. It will bring your computer up from the scratch and also swipes away the current state of the software.
  • Try again to open your QuickBooks desktop after restarting your computer. Moreover, it will reset the wrong settings you might have selected during your previous attempt.

Solution 4: Re-Register your QuickBooks Related Components & files in Windows

  • To re-register all your QuickBooks related to .DLL & .OCX files in MS, you need to try to run and reboot.bat Function.

Solution 5: Repair QuickBooks Installation Process

  • Replacing all corrupt or damaged QuickBooks installation files by running a repair on your QuickBooks installation

Solution 6: Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks

  • Firstly, Download QuickBooks Clean Install tool. (Note: You can download this tool from here:
  • From the downloads click QuickBooksCleanInstallUtility.exe file.
  • After that click I Accept and select the QuickBooks version you are using.
  • Click on the Continue button and then select OK.
  • First of all try to repair your QuickBooks files or folders.

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Solution 7: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

This tool is designed to automatically identify and fix installation errors. With the help of this tool you can resolve QuickBooks Error 1603, Error 1935, Error 1904, Error 1402, Errors relating to damaged Microsoft .NET Framework, Errors relating to damaged MSXML and C++, Problems opening QuickBooks Desktop, such as QuickBooks has Stopped working or Unrecoverable errors.

Solution 8: Verify & Rebuild Data File (For Mac Users Only)

Now, let us discuss the update error with MacBook Pro. There is one resolution of MAC installation issues which is to reboot the system. However, if this does not solve the issue it is recommended to follow instruction listed below:

  • Firstly Open your Macbook Pro.
  • After that go to the file -> select as utility -> verify your data. (If no problems get detected).
  • Click on to the End & then Restart it.
  • Finally Restart your Macbook Pro.
QuickBooks Installation Error for Mac
The image as shown below is similar which appears on your desktop.

Solution 9: Install or Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup

  • Sometimes it happens that any 3rd party applications, like anti-virus or anti-spyware applications may interrupt with the installation of QuickBooks Desktop. To prevent these apps from causing issues, just try to install or uninstall QuickBooks in Selective Startup.

I hope you found this article helpful. You can always visit our blogs section to find right answers and easy solutions whenever you encounter any issues within your QuickBooks. If you are still getting an error when installing QuickBooks, you can contact our QuickBooks installation support team by dialing 1-800-880-6389. Our experts are always available to assist you in every possible manner.


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