The reasons for the discrepancies can be caused by, when previously reconciled transactions have been added, changed, or deleted or by the reconciliation adjustments such as Journal entries, etc. This article describes what reasons behind this that causes to reconcile discrepancies in QuickBooks software. Follow the instructions as discussed here to troubleshoot QuickBooks discrepancy glitches. Generally this error comes when your make any transaction changes and if you have cleared your previous bank account reconciliation.


Reasons for QuickBooks Reconciliation Discrepancy

A search to recognize an alteration can be time-consuming and frustrating.


Reconciliation discrepancies may occur by one of the following reasons:

  • Reconciliation arrangement.
  • Past reconciled transaction have been an alteration, deleted or added.


Fix Reconciliation Discrepancies in QuickBooks

Reconciliation Discrepancy Report: 

This report reflects that the transaction that is sorted by the given statement as the date mentioned who were changed since for your last reconciliation.

  • Step-1 In the main menu of the Report, Click to banking > Reconciliation Discrepancy
  • Step-2 Select that appropriate account and then click to the Ok key button.
  • Step-3 Thus, just review your report and identify any discrepancies.


✔ Missing Checks Report:

This missing check report justify if your any transactions get missed.

  • Step-1 In your report menu, first choose banking and then click to the missing checks option.
  • Step-2 Now choose and click on the appropriate account.
  • Step-3 Then review the report for any transactions which is not matching exactly with your bank statement.


✔ Transaction Detail Report:

This transaction report will aid to verify all transactions that were changed or get modified instantly.

    • Step-1 In the given report menu, select custom reports. Click on the transaction detailed tab.
    • Step-2 Under the heading of a display tab, choose the following options as listed below:-
      1. Date from— the earliest QuickBooks date. (Leave this option as blank)
      2. Date To— to the date of have the last reconciled statement.
    • Step-3 Under the filter tab, select the following points that represents as under:-
      1. Account— Make your account to be reconciled.
      2. Entered or done your last modification in QuickBooks.
      3. Date From– date of the last reconcile in your account of a QB.
      4. Date To— Counts or starts for today.
    • Step-4 Then Click on the OK key button to run your transaction report. If face any problem then ask expert advice by connecting us at QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number.


Other Additional steps that help to fix your error

✔ Managing Reconcile System  

A strained past reconciliation that develops to reconcile the arrangements may get originator discrepancy. Solve your problem that you want to review your QB reconciliation discrepancy account to make your arrangements improper.

  • Click to the option of chart of accounts that as indicated on your screen as listed in your Company main menu.
  • Select & then give a double-click on to reconciliation discrepancy account.


If the transaction was removed as instantly as exchanged or removed currently into the bank reconcile that was previously done in your balance sheet either is correct or not well-maintained.

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How to fix Reconcile Discrepancies in QuickBooks?

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