How to Resolve QuickBooks Unable To Export To Excel Error?

In the previous years, it has been reported that many QuickBooks users experienced an issue that the QuickBooks software restricts the user to export information to Excel. This problem usually occurs when your QB software is unable to recognize the excel files that are installed in your computer. In this article, we provide our readers a complete insight of the issue “QuickBooks unable to export to excel error” such as its causes and solution.

This QuickBooks error code usually appears while upgrading the QuickBooks software. If the QB upgrade stuck in the middle of the process and leads to unsuccessful upgrade, in result to that you will be unable to export to Excel like transaction, email, or account reports.

Causes of QB Export to Excel Issues

This error generally appears or arises in front of the QB users due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged or infected Microsoft Excel Software.
  • When the QB application is corrupted or damaged.
  • When the File Registry doesn’t work in a proper manner.

Quick Steps to troubleshoot the Exporting to Excel Error

  • Open up the customer center.
  • In the transaction panel, locate the transaction that is required.
  • Perform right-click on the transaction, the transaction journal will appear.
  • Select or choose the transaction journal.
  • Hit the Excel tab & create the new Worksheet to Export the report to Excel.

List of items are required to be opened at the first & later report

As the first thing always comes first, you need to figure out the features that are needed to be open at the first and after that open the report. While being on the non-transaction form, open the reports that are able to be export to Excel.

  • Go to the list and then, Open Item List.
  • From the report menu, choose any report that is required.
  • Choose the Excel drop down to Export to Excel.
  • Choose the email button to email as excel.

Permission by Export

  • Bank Transaction Export
  1. This will allow the QB users to export the .csv/ .iif file to the QuickBooks.
  2. Bill Export: This feature assists you to export the .csv and .iif format file to export to the QB software.
  3. Calendar Export: The calendar export feature allows you to export the calendar to another application. You can click here anytime to export the calendar.
  4. Contact Notes Export: The Contact Notes Export features enable the QuickBooks users to export the list of all contact notes on contacts created in the Clio.
  • QuickBooks Transaction Import

We manually enter lots of invoice into the QB software every month. We can import the data files in .csv and .iif format files into the QuickBooks with this feature. However, sometimes the QuickBooks precisely require extended versions such as QuickBooks Pro 2005 which are highly compatible with vivid formats and entities.

Arrangements that Cause the Errors during Export & Import of QB Payroll Journal Entries

  • This error could be possible in the circumstance where multiple accounts in the accounting CS owns the identical description. However, the accounting CS type differs a lot from the type of QuickBooks.
  • The QuickBooks Transaction details/information doesn’t match with the accounting CS account details/information. To process or proceed the transaction import, it is necessary that the account detail information match exactly.

Important Note: Simply make sure you have not left any of the transaction forms open during exporting the file as well as report to excel. You will find that the transaction forms could consist of Invoices, Purchase order as well as Sales order. Also if you have a non-transaction form opened up after that you’ll locate the Export to succeed function will certainly work. The example of the non-transaction form is “The Item List of Chart of Accounts”. That’s why it is constantly encouraged to open the Item List initially and afterwards go for the export feature.

Immediate QuickBooks Technical Support for the QB Errors

We understand the horrible & gloomy situation in which QuickBooks users get stuck sometimes. The Export to Excel Error is one of those issues which are required to be eliminated as soon as possible. In this case, we recommend the QuickBooks users to contact the Pro Accountant Advisor instantly which is a Intuit certified ProAdvisors team .

For a quick & better assistance, you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Error troubleshooting team at our toll-free number +1(800)880-6389. We will be more happy to help you out in this.

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